Sunday, August 14, 2011

Martin: 1 - Smith: 0

The July 29th confrontation between Bid-A-Wee resident Martin and BAW President Smith resulted in 2 court dates for Martin. The first one to come up was the request by Smith for a Domestic Violence 'stay away' order.

This matter was heard on August 11th by Judge Allen Register and was a win for Martin with the case being dismissed after the Smith testimony.  So round one is a win for BAW resident Martin.

A reasonable prediction for the coming trial is that should it even go to trial that Martin will almost surely 'win'.  In a case with no witnesses, just party A and party B with vastly different stories, there really is no way for a judge or jury to enter a finding of guilt 'beyond a reasonable doubt'.  So the first round is over and the 2nd and much more important round two is still to be held. 

But frankly I doubt that it will ever limp into any Bay County court, likely it will drag on with a few continuances and end up dismissed.

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