Friday, July 15, 2011

The 'Gates' Saga Continues - Better than daytime TV!

The gates are being reinforced and the old plastic hinges are now 'STEEL', so the nonsense goes on and PCB continues to get bad press for being 'visitor unfriendly'.  I understand the TDC has concerns about the bad publicity keeping away tourists for the whole County, not just Bid-A-Wee.  Shortly another $8,000 will be spent on replacing the chain link fence and moving it 15' closer to the road than where the existing one is at present.

The new steel hinges are just great and the new construction would be impressive if it weren't for the fact that a $9.99 Sears hacksaw and four cuts will remove the gates.  I guess you could always find some use for the nice steel hinges?  Make nice paperweights.

Did I forget to mention I met BAW Pres. J. Smith?  Yeah, I guess I did forget to mention it.